Tips & tricks for new pets!

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Bringing home a new furbaby is always an exciting time for the family! They are just so stinkin’ cute! However, those first feelings of excitement are quickly overshadowed by worries and concerns. Here are some quick tips to get you pet-parenting like a pro!

Should I be concerned about food allergies?
Most allergens or intolerances don’t show up in pets until 2 years old, and rarely before 6 months. In fact, if your young pet is showing signs of gastrointestinal upset, it’s unlikely unrelated to food allergies and your pet may just need some additional gut health support. If you pup or kitty is showing signs of poor gut health, try adding a SeaMeal supplement to their food twice a day for 4 weeks. Just sprinkle it on kibble or mix it into wet food. The 60 trace minerals, 12 vitamins, 22 amino acids, added digestive enzymes will nourish your pet, inside and out.

How do I ensure my new pet has good gut health from the start?
There are few things to consider when looking for a balanced diet beyond healthy ingredients. Prebiotics and probiotics are at the cornerstone of balancing gut microflora, which in turn boasts a whole host of benefits from staying regular to better absorbing nutrients and more. Did you know that up to 80% of the immune system is influenced by the gut? Omega fatty acids can fuel the immune system which is critical for puppies and kittens as their immune systems are still strengthening and developing.

What specific omegas should I look for?
When looking for a puppy or kitten formula, scan the label for eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as EPA and DHA. These omegas are critical for brain development. These omega fatty acids are also great for pregnant and lactating dogs and cats as well.

Do puppies and kittens really eat more than an adult?
Yes! Make sure to check the feeding guidelines on your food to ensure your new pet is getting the right amount of calories. It can be easier on their tummies to feed them 3 times a day instead of 2, that way they aren’t eating too much at one time. Remember, too many calories results in extra weight gain which puts extra stress on joints and the rest of their body so make sure that you are also accounting for other calorie sources like treats that you will use for training.

Speaking of treats, what kind of treats are best?
While treats are a great way to reward them, remember that they should stick to pet safe treats and not human food as there are many foods out there that are dangerous and toxic to pets. Please check out this list of foods that are not safe for your fur babies. All of those extra calories from training sessions can add up so make sure you’re giving you pet more than just empty calories. Superfoods for dogs and spoonfuls of hydration for cats can do just the trick!

How can I keep my new pet occupied?
Make sure kitties have a scratching post to work on and things like feathers, strings and moving toys are great options for them. Cats are natural hunters and love to catch their pray rather than have it handed to them. Hold off on rawhide chews for your puppies, as rawhide is indigestible and can swell up in the stomach causing bloating, discomfort and in some cases gastrointestinal blockages. Soft toys and bones like Nylabones and stuffed chews are great to keep them occupied without as many hazards.

Other quick tips?
Whether you bring your fur baby to a trainer, or do training yourself, remember that this is a confusing time for them and is a lot of work. No matter what training methods you use, remember that positive reinforcement is key. Repetition and routine will not only help your new pet pick up the tricks faster, but will also make them feel at ease. Pets thrive on routine!

Remember that our new family members are not only new to us but new to the world. They are learning and taking everything in while trying to please us. However, rules and routine will help keep them safe and happy. See our products page for dog and cat recipes you can use and as always, feel free to email, call or find us on social media if you ever need anything. Enjoy!

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