Testimonials from our fans

From Delores: 
I wanted to thank you for having such wonderful wet foods for cats.  I had about given up on feeding my cat because she doesn’t like dry food, except treats, and I was having to throw away all the other high priced wet foods I tried to get her to eat.  She is a small sized Tonkinese female cat and very fussy. She just gobbles up your foods and I am so thankful that she is not starving anymore.

From Emily: 
I have a Keeshond, Panda is her name. She is a picky eater, and most good food doesn’t agree with her. As an act of desperation to feed her, we decided to try Solid Gold, Wolf King. She LOVES IT!  And it doesn’t disagree with her! She’s been so happy and playful! Thank you for giving me my furbaby back!

We love it and we are hooked since Panda has been doing soooo well and her coat has been super shiny!!!

From Craig F:
A TESTIMONIAL:  Just decided to thank you so much for the wonderful Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken dry food.  We have fed this to our Great Dane exclusively for the past 7 years.  She is now approaching her 9th birthday and remains completely healthy.  Her coat, ears, teeth, joints and digestion are still essentially perfect, and she remains as active and playful as her younger years.  It’s incredible really.  I’m sure some of this is genetics, but I am also sure much of it is the high quality diet you have made available.  Thanks again . . . our family is looking forward to her 9th birthday, and then many more after that !

From Mike:
Just wanted to let you know we tried your dog food after having our Lab on Fromm’s (which is also very good food) for over 2 years and we are ecstatic with the results after only 3 weeks. His shedding has diminished to almost nothing, and his coat is shiny, and far softer than before. His energy level has remained high and we are very pleased with your product. Great product!!!

From Melissa:
I just wanted to let you know I really love the Barking at the Moon. I had to put my dogs on a gluten free diet because one had seizures. I have had to try several different brands but had to come back to Solid Gold. Now instead of 2-3 seizures a week, it’s maybe 1 every couple months. So thanks again for such a great product. I was also wondering do you make a gluten free biscuit treat? I haven’t seen any in my Petco. Thanks again

From Teri:
Just thought you might be interested to know of a singular customer/pet reaction to your pet food.  I’ve been in the retail pet business on and off for many years and am somewhat familiar with what is “acceptable” as pet food..  6 years ago I was privileged  to add a Shetland Sheepdog to my family.  For the first year, I kept her on the food that the breeder had her on.  The vet had said that while it wasn’t the best, it was certainly up there in quality.  Well, after a year, my beloved Autumn developed kidney/bladder issues.  The Vet’s first reaction was antibiotics and a change to a prescription diet as he feared that this would be a constant recurring problem.  I agreed to the meds but told him I wanted to try something different foodwise.  I switched my baby to your Hund-N-Flocken Formula.  Since that time, my baby has been UTI free! My Vet was also happily surprised on follow up visits.  All he could say was “keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working!”   That was 5 years ago.  Since then, Hund-N-Flocken is a doggie staple in this house!  Added note, with the other food, I used to mix canned foods with the dry to get Autumn to eat her meals.  Since switching to Hund-N-Flocken, Autumn eats her meals without added enhancements.   Just thought I’d share.

Teri & Autumn (the Sheltie)

From Josh:

I would like to express my gratitude. Your food is above and beyond my original expectations. My dogs’ coats are healthier, they are more energetic, and healthier overall.

Thank you,

Josh, Sophie & Keller

From Marie:
You guys are Awesome! My mother has been using this food for years…I always used Pedigree….I thought it was good..ha!

I started using the Wee Bit Bison food for my baby girl…Gracy. She Loves it! It makes her coat soooo soft. She eats less and poops less. Haha! I thank you so much for this food..from my mother and myself. You guys totally Rock!

I will and do tell every one about you…and this food. Thank You!

From Jeanne:

I have two indoor cats: one is obese and one is always hungry, but thin.  Thank you for this product that satisfies them. They don’t over eat and my always hungry one has ceased begging and begging for food.  There’s always a little leftover in their bowls; the food satisfies them.  The always hungry one drove me crazy, demanding food, until I tried this one, and I have tried them all. She doesn’t throw up as much, either.

From Robin:
I have two cats, one a British Shorthair and one a rescued grey striped tabby.  Anyone who has more than one cat knows they are rather hard to please.  I started both of them on Solid Gold Indigo moon about a year ago.  When they both gobbled it down I knew I had a winner!  Before starting Indigo Moon the tabby was rather portly and the British Shorthair was rather skinny. Since feeding them  Indigo Moon the tabby lost weight( to a very svelte-ish,) and more appropriate weight  and the British Shorthair put on some size.  They are both the picture of heath.  No diarrhea, vomiting, or hairballs.   Happy and Healthy animals.  Thank you again for the WONDERFUL food!

From Roger:
I just want to Thank You for your products, my cat Stanley had been on your cat food for his last 12 years and I attribute his 20 year life span to your wonderful product. My dog J.P. has also been on your dry blend for his 9 years and he too looks forward to his meal times. Thank you again.

From Debbie:
This isn’t really a question. It is more of a “Thank you”. My Labrador has food allergies, and it is very tough finding a dry and/or canned dog food that is *allergy-safe* for her. For the last two years, we had been using, Evanger’s 100 % beef (canned) dog food, as our wet mix (for the Omega 3’s oil sups and Platinum Performance skin/allergy sups). We have been hard pressed to find the product lately. so I searched your products again, because you were there for me before to help my diabetic dog, she loved the treats that you had that were so very safe for her). I was so very, very thrilled to discover you had a, new, safe canned dog food for Bailey. LOVE that I’m using a local company. Just wanted to say “Thank you!, Tons!” For your, high protein, “Beef recipe”!

From Anne-Lise:
I wanted to say thanks for your product!

I have a 20-yr old cat and she was recently not feeling well.  At her age when she starts to act ill I really worry. She’s lost a lot of weight this past year and on Christmas she acted hungry but wouldn’t eat anything I put in her dish.  She was becoming lethargic and very slow. We were all worried it could be the sign of the end.

I went to my local Unleashed in La Mesa and they recommended your Solid Gold blended tuna as the most irresistible canned cat food on their shelf. It worked! She started only taking one or two bites – couldn’t resist! – and a week later she is as good as her old self again and eating almost normal quantities. Thank you!

She’s an old lady that I rescued from a shelter 20 years ago in Fort Meyers, FL and I don’t know how many more she has in her, but I made the promise to keep her happy and healthy when I adopted her. I will continue to use your product and let her enjoy her 21st year of like like a queen!

Thank you again!