Could Your Pet Benefit from a High Protein Diet

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Protein is an essential nutrient that contributes to your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.  A high protein diet can be beneficial for dogs that require a greater amount of energy—for example, dogs with high energy or an active lifestyle.  But high protein can also be helpful in supporting specific functions, including helping to develop strong muscles, support vital organs and promote a healthy skin and coat. In fact, roughly 30-35% of a dog’s daily protein intake is needed to keep skin and coat in good condition.

Recognizing these important benefits, Sold Gold recently introduced a line of High Protein dog recipes that are uniquely formulated to deliver 38% protein while ensuring balanced nutrition.  The foundation of each recipe includes clean, high-quality protein sources combined with healthy fats to supply essential energy and a carefully curated blend of 16 Superfoods, such as pumpkin, blueberries and spearmint, to support whole-body health.  Protected probiotics are also included to support immune system function and digestive health.

In the past 10 years, there has been an increased focus on both the quality of the protein sources offered in pet foods as well as the quantity of protein provided, particularly in ancestral diets. The level of protein intake needed will depend on a dog’s individual lifestyle and nutritional requirements, but it is equally important to ensure your dog is provided naturally balanced nourishment to promote optimal health.

This is why all Solid Gold High Protein recipes contain not only clean, high-quality protein sources  but also a unique blend of carefully curated Superfoods.

This is why all Solid Gold High Protein recipes contain not only clean, high-quality protein sources  but also a unique blend of carefully curated Superfoods.  This unique combination allows all dogs to thrive and be at their best, regardless of breed, size or lifestyle.

Solid Gold’s High Protein recipes are ideal for pet parents who want to provide naturally balanced nourishment while fueling their pet’s everyday adventures.  Feeding a food high in protein is particularly important for active dogs. Like their human companions, active dogs need a diet that is uniquely designed to deliver optimum health and maintain consistent energy levels.

Tips when shopping for a high protein food:

  • Read labels. The first ingredient in your dog food should be a meat or meat meal, indicating that high-quality protein is the foundation of the recipe.
  • Implement a diet that provides balanced nutrition. Dogs need food that goes beyond the ancestral diet. Solid Gold’s unique blend of nutrient-rich Superfoods help deliver a well-balanced diet for lifelong wellbeing.
  • Avoid foods with filler ingredients, such as meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, sugar, artificial preservatives and flavors.
  • Give your dog variety. Solid Gold’s High Protein line features a consistent foundation in each recipe making it easy to transition your dog between flavors.

Think your dog needs even more protein?  Check out Solid Gold’s Barking at the Moon with Beef, Eggs & Peas Recipe.  With 20 nutrient-dense superfoods and a whopping 41% protein, Barking at the Moon delivers powerful nutrition for your energetic pup.

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