How to Keep Your Pets Hydrated This Summer

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The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and backyard barbecues are calling our names. Summer is upon us! Longer days full of sunshine allow us to spend more time outdoors with our loved ones (both two and four legged). However, rising temperatures outside also mean that we need to keep a close eye on our pets to prevent them from overheating and getting dehydrated.

It is extremely important to have a variety of hydration options ready for your pets both indoors and outdoors – especially during those hot summer days. Whether you have a dog or cat, Solid Gold is here to help you with some easy hydration tips for both!

Keeping Your Pup Hydrated

More time outdoors with your furry friend = more fun for both of you! While outdoor playtime is more desirable in the summer, we need to keep in mind that our pups can get dehydrated easily. Here are some ways to make sure they stay happy and hydrated:

  • Keep water on you! Just as you may bring a water bottle for yourself on a run around the park, your pup will also be in need of a refreshment in between Frisbee throws. Keep a portable bowl in your car for easy access.
  • Make it fun with ice cubes. Ice cubes are a fun way to hydrate, as you can make a game out of it with your pet. One of our favorite things to do is to take our nutrient-dense Bone Broth and pour it into ice trays. Once it freezes, they can enjoy frozen bone broth cubes alone or in water for a fun, functional treat.
  • Have them drink their food. Dry kibble is packed full of protein and holistic ingredients for your pup to be at their best, but adding some wet food or Bone Broth to their favorite dry food can take hydration to the next level.



With a variety of wet dog food and Bone Broth options for your pup, Solid Gold can help keep them at their best in the summer heat!

Solid Gold Bone Broth is made with real, human grade bone broth and is rich in naturally occurring collagen, as well as vitamins and minerals essential for gut health, the strength and maintenance of bones, joints and nails, and overall wellness. It is available in Beef, Chicken, and Turkey.

Cats Get Dehydrated Too!

Many people don’t realize that more often than not, cats are dehydrated. Cats in the wild will feast on a whole animal which contains a lot of water, or drinking from a running stream, so there is not a large need to find water sources to drink from. While your cat may not be hunting for their prey in the jungle, we have some suggestions on how to make sure they are getting enough water in the summer heat at home:

  • Incorporate wet food into their diet. Wet food is so important for kitties because it offers a great amount of moisture. Our Holistic Delights combine real meat pieces in a creamy bisque that are super hydrating and tasty! Simply feed on their own or mix in with their favorite dry food.
  • Make their water move. If you have a cat, you’ve probably realized that they do not love stagnant water. Cat fountains (or your sink!) can offer up an easy and more appealing option for your cat to drink from.
  • Plan your play time to keep them cool. Playing with your furry friend in a cool room indoors, or simply limiting rowdiness in warmer areas, allows them to more easily regulate their temperature and not get too overheated. Keep their favorite toys out of direct sun rays to ensure they stay cool!

Your cat will appreciate staying a comfortable temperature and you can rest easy knowing they are happy, healthy and hydrated.

Solid Gold Holistic Delights combine real meat pieces in a creamy coconut milk bisque – perfect for hydrating your cat with an easy-to-digest source of calcium. They are available in great tasting flavors including Chicken, Salmon and Tuna.

Whether you are enjoying those warm sun rays with your dog or cat, make sure hydration is top of mind for both this summer! It is easier to prevent dehydration than to treat it, so taking proactive hydration steps for your pets will keep them safe and happy.

Note: If your pet is showing signs of dehydration including excessive panting, dry nose or fast breathing in dogs or elevated heart rate, panting or poor skin elasticity in cats, consult your vet immediately.

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