Is Grain Free the Way to Be?

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Like many pet parents out there, you’re probably always scanning food labels to be absolutely certain that you’re providing your pet with the healthiest food on the market. When choosing a new pet food (or just studying up on their current diet), one of the main questions is if grain free formulas are really better.

Is Grain Free More Natural?

Grain free pet food is defined as not having any corn, wheat, soy, rice, barley or other grains in their ingredient labels. At its core, grain free is one that mimics many human food trends like paleo, low-carb, etc.

As the argument goes, dogs are descendants of wolves and should therefore eat only meat. While it is true that wolves eat a diet high in meat, they also forage for fruits and plant matter and their digestive systems process grains found in the meat of their prey. So, while grain free diets may appear closer to a “natural diet”, they is no right or wrong answer and as they are simply a different combination of ingredients than traditional whole grain diets.

Is Grain Free Better, or Just Different?

The different ingredient and nutritional profile of grain free diets will affect your pet’s ability to turn food into energy. For some pets, grain free diets can lead to better digestibility, more energy and healthier skin and coat. Other dogs and cats may struggle with grain free diets and find that healthy whole grains like pearled barley or brown rice are easier to digest than the carbohydrates found in grain free diets.

If your pup is functioning well on their current diet, we wouldn’t recommend changing it up just to keep up with any trends. Every pet digests their food differently, just like their owners! Any drastic change to their diet can lead to digestive upset and should be done slowly with purpose.

But What about Allergies?

Some pet owners switch to grain free pet food due to plant ingredient allergies (most commonly to corn, wheat, or soy) which affect under 1% of dogs. It should be noted that all Solid Gold healthy whole grain diets are free of corn, wheat and soy.

If you notice your pet have any symptoms of allergies, it’s important to contact your veterinarian immediately to find the true source. Keep in mind that it may not be related to grain, but could lie within the protein source, other ingredient, or an external factor.

Grain Free Options Since 2006

In summary, grain free diets provide a different combination of carbohydrates for your pet’s gut health. For some pets, grain free formulas can lead to better digestibility, more energy, and healthier skin and coat. The key element to recognize is that all dogs are different and they will process the food they eat differently.

In 1974, Sissy McGill created Hund-N-Flocken, our flagship recipe, which has fueled millions of dogs with a combination of grass-fed lamb and healthy whole grains like brown rice and pearled barley.  But, just as not all dogs prefer lamb, there are dogs who will may react better to a grain and gluten free option like Barking at the Moon, a high protein diet for high energy dogs.

Whether your pet functions best on a whole grain or grain free diet, Solid Gold has your back! With a wide variety of high-quality proteins (including beef, bison, duck, chicken, salmon, and more!) offered in both options, there is a recipe perfect for every pet’s unique needs. You can be confident all Solid Gold recipes will cleanse, balance and fuel for gut health and overall immune support to nourish your pet inside and out.

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