International Business

Solid Gold Holistic Pet Nutrition is available in several countries outside of the U.S. For more information on our international business, please contact:

Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia:

SG Pets Ltd.


KMT Corp
Osaka, Japan

At times, packaging that is sold outside of the U.S. may differ from what is sold in the U.S. and from what is shown in product images online.  Please note, that often packaging graphics may differ by size as well.  Below is the product that is currently being distributed in the U.S. and internationally.


Dry dog food

U.S. Packaging International Packaging
dd-us-01 dd-int-01
dd-us-02 dd-int-02
dd-us-03 dd-int-03
dd-us-04 dd-int-04
dd-us-05 dd-int-05
dd-us-06 dd-int-06
dd-us-07 dd-int-07
dd-us-08 dd-int-08
dd-us-09 dd-int-09
dd-us-10 dd-int-10
dd-us-11 dd-int-11
dd-us-12 dd-int-12
dd-us-13 dd-int-13
dd-us-14 dd-int-14
dd-us-15 dd-int-15
dd-us-16 dd-int-16
dd-us-17 dd-int-17
dd-us-18 dd-int-18
dd-us-19 dd-int-19
dd-us-20 dd-int-20
dd-us-21 dd-int-21

Wet dog food

U.S. Packaging International Packaging
dw-01 dw-01
dw-02 dw-02
dw-03 dw-03
dw-04 dw-04
dw-05 dw-05
dw-06 dw-06
dw-07 dw-07
dw-08 dw-08
dw-09 dw-09
dw-10 dw-10
dw-11 dw-11
dw-12 dw-12

Dry cat food

U.S. Packaging International Packaging
dc-us-01 dc-int-01
dc-us-02 dc-int-02
dc-us-03 dc-int-03
dc-us-04 dc-int-04
dc-us-05 dc-int-05
dc-us-06 dc-int-06
dc-us-07 dc-int-07
dc-us-08 dc-int-08
dc-us-09 dc-int-09

Wet cat food

U.S. Packaging International Packaging
wc-01 wc-01
wc-02 wc-02
wc-03 wc-03
wc-04 wc-04
wc-05 wc-05
wc-06 wc-06
wc-07 wc-07
wc-08 wc-08
wc-09 wc-09
wc-10 wc-10
wc-11 wc-11
wc-12 wc-12
wc-13 wc-13
wc-14 wc-14
wc-15 wc-15
wc-16 wc-16
wc-17 wc-17
wc-18 wc-18
wc-19 wc-19
wc-20 wc-20
wc-21 wc-21
wc-22 wc-22
wc-23 wc-23


U.S. Packaging International Packaging
t-us-01 t-int-01
t-us-02 t-int-02
t-us-03 t-int-03
t-us-04 t-int-04
t-us-05 t-int-05
t-us-06 t-int-06
t-us-07 t-int-07


U.S. Packaging International Packaging
s-us-01 s-int-01
s-us-02 s-int-02
s-us-03 s-int-03
s-us-04 s-int-04
s-us-05 s-int-05
s-us-06 s-int-06