Meet Scooty and Booker...

The Happiest Pets on Earth

After months of reviewing thousands of entries, we finally found our Happiest Pets on Earth. It certainly wasn't easy, but the winners were indisputable. A special thank you to each and every entrant for making Happiest Pets on Earth a success! Check out the winners below!

Our Happiest Dog on Earth


"Scooty is THE happiest dog on the planet because nothing can slow her down! We adopted her after unfortunate circumstances, being hit by a car and left paralyzed on the streets of Mexico. Since then Scooty has charmed everyone she meets with her infectious smile and goofy personality, I know she makes me smile every day!"

Scooty’s story begins in the slums of Mexico. She was abandoned and alone since birth, with no one to care for her. If that wasn’t enough, she was hit by a car and left to die when she was only 6 months old. The accident permanently damaged her hind-legs. She was forced to drag herself around while her horrendous wounds continued to get worse and worse. Miraculously, she was alive when rescuers found her and took her in. She was discovered with open wounds on her legs, down to the bone, infested with maggots. The shelter that brought her in decided to turn to social media, as a last resort for Scooty, with the hope to raise funds for her treatment.

Her now owner, Erica, immediately fell in love with her and knew what she had to do. She went straight down to Mexico and adopted her, offering to take care of all of her needs herself. She got Scooty a wheelchair, harnesses, and leg braces so she could walk again. She enrolled her in hydrotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. In just 3 months, she was able to stand and peddle her legs, and within a year, she was walking again!

Four years later, Scooty has overcome every vet’s expectations and rarely uses her wheelchair, continuing to improve every day. Scooty never gave up hope and her will to live is an inspiration to pets and humans alike. Scooty and her owner, Erica, are inseparable. Together they swim, hike, and travel all over the world!

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Our Happiest Cat on Earth


"This my kitty, Booker. He's got some special needs, and he spent more than half his three years of life in shelters, and was slated to be put to sleep before Dane County Friends of Ferals found him. I drove across the state to meet him, and it was love at first sight! I brought him home 6 months ago, and ever since, he's been coming out of his shell more and more every day! He still has his special needs, but he's gotten so much more confident, and playful, and affectionate, and happy! Now, he's my little shadow. He follows me everywhere and falls asleep next to me every night. I know it's cliche, but I think he rescued me more than I rescued him."

Booker is the happiest cat you’ve ever seen. But it wasn’t always like that. Booker’s tragic history will make anyone wonder how he could ever smile again — but he’s living proof that any pet can be rehabilitated with proper love and care. At a very young age, Booker was abandoned not once, but twice by abusive owners. Fortunately, he was saved from euthanasia by a local no-kill shelter and an amazing foster mom. The shelter found it very difficult to find him a home because he was so skittish and fearful of humans. That was when his now owner, Julia, decided to take a chance on him.

Upon adoption, Booker would find himself in moments of sheer terror, and would begin screaming. He’d flail around, urinating anywhere he was sitting and unable to be approached. He’d jump at his own shadow and hide under the bed for hours, having panic attacks every other day. Julia decided it was time to take him to the vet, where he was prescribed a medication for his severe anxiety. His first medication had terrible side effects, leading him to rub his toes until they bled against the floor. Fortunately, they found a more effective medication and he began to improve, slowly becoming the happy cat he was always meant to be. Now, Booker can finally relax and feel safe knowing he has a loving owner and home. He’s confident, peaceful, and most importantly, happy.

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