Frequently asked question and answers.

Below are some questions we are asked by other pet lovers like yourself. If you have a question that is not covered here; contact us below, send us an email or give us a call. We are here to help!

Where to Buy

Solid Gold stands behind all of its products when purchased from an authorized retailer. Please be aware if you purchase Solid Gold food, treats, or supplements from an unauthorized retailer, the product may be expired, counterfeit, or otherwise compromised. Please use our store locator to find an authorized retailer in your area.

Authorized online retailers include: Amazon, Chewy, PetFlow, Wag, Pet360, Pet Food Direct,, Dog Food Direct, Only Natural Pet, and Happy Pets. Solid Gold does not sell any products through, or You can read more here.

Does Solid Gold have a money back guarantee?

Yes, Solid Gold has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a Solid Gold product, you can return it to your authorized retailer for a refund or exchange.

Are Solid Gold Foods “complete and balanced”? If so, why do you offer supplements?

All Solid Gold foods are “complete and balanced” for the life stage designated and do not require supplementation. However, many pets can benefit from extra supplementation for specific conditions or for overall health.

Does Solid Gold participate in animal testing?

Solid Gold does not participate in any invasive animal testing. We do however work with reputable kennels to feed test new innovation for palatability and digestibility. Also, our own Solid Gold pets happily participate in any palatability testing.

Does Solid Gold support dog and cat breeding?

Solid Gold believes in responsible, ethical dog and cat breeding. We do not currently have any formal feeding programs for breeders.

Where do I buy Solid Gold?

Solid Gold products are available around the world. For retail locations, please visit the store locator on our website. There are also numerous online retailers that carry Solid Gold.

Is Sissy McGill still involved in Solid Gold?

Sissy McGill is an owner and the cherished matriarch of the Solid Gold Family. She works five days a week and is as active as she wants to be as our greatest Solid Gold advocate.

What is the reasoning behind the most recent packaging updates?

In April 2016, we introduced packaging updates to our full line of dog and cat dry food products. These changes were made to better meet your needs when shopping for our products. Leveraging the existing illustrations, we worked to better organize important product information such as recipe ingredients, feeding benefits and other attributes like grain-free distinction.

Have any formulas been updated with the new packaging?

We made very minor formula changes to select products with the 2016 packaging updates.

In order to consistently deliver 20 nutritious superfood inclusions across our core line of dry dog and cat food formulas, we added lettuce, celery, beets, watercress and spinach to the following recipes: Barking at the Moon, Sun Dancer, Holistique Blendz, Hund-N-Flocken, Hundchen Flocken, Mmillennia, Wee Bit, Wolf King, Wolf Cub, Indigo Moon and Katz-N-Flocken.

In three formulas (Lil’ Boss, Sunday Sunrise, Buck Wild), we chose to eliminate pea protein—a plant-based protein—to deliver more protein from meat sources. In doing so, a small amount of pea flour was added to help regulate fiber content. Additionally, Buck Wild is now formulated with increased lentils and decreased tapioca.

These minor changes resulted in no changes to existing Guaranteed Analysis levels.

Where is the valve and why doesn’t product appear to be vacuum sealed?

The one-way valve we used previously in the dry product packaging gave the bag a vacuum sealed appearance. Technically this was a hermetic seal. With our current filling and sealing processes, this is no longer necessary and we can provide an easier to handle and easier to read package. This change has no compromise to quality and no negative impact to shelf life or freshness, which confirmed it was the right change at the right time.

What ingredients make up your blend of 20 superfoods?

Our unique blend of 20 nutritious superfoods includes pumpkin, cranberries, spearmint, carrots, apples, watercress, rosemary, almond oil, beets, sesame oil, blueberries, broccoli, thyme, chicory root, lentils, celery, parsley, dried kelp, spinach and salmon oil.

What is Ocean Fish Meal?

The ocean fish meal used in Solid Gold foods is Menhaden Herring, sourced from the Atlantic Ocean.

Where are Solid Gold’s products made?

All Solid Gold, dry dog and cat foods, treats, and supplements are made in the USA. Our tuna based canned cat foods are made in Thailand in facilities that manufacture human consumption tuna and meet our high quality and safety standards.

Do you source any ingredients from China?

No. While we have traveled extensively to deliver unique and beneficial ingredients, none of our ingredients are sourced from China, and none of our products are produced in China.

Are Solid Gold ingredients “human grade”?

While “human grade” is not a legal term that can be used in conjunction with animal feed manufacturing, we utilize only high quality ingredients that pass strict quality control measures.

What is Meat Meal and why do you use it?

Meat meals, such as lamb meal and chicken meal, are meats that have been cooked to reduce water and fat content, resulting in a concentrated protein source.

Fresh meats are a great source of nutrients, but contain approximately 70% water, which is eliminated during the cooking process for dry pet food. In order to keep an adequate supply of meat protein in Solid Gold recipes, most diets require we use a combination of high quality fresh meat and meat meal.

For example, one whole chicken contains approximately 70% water and 18% protein. After cooking, the resulting chicken meal contains just 10% water and 65% protein—nearly four times more protein than whole chicken.

We use meat meals to balance moisture content and boost protein in our recipes.

Why are there eggs in all of your dry dog and cat food products?

Eggs are nature’s perfect protein – providing essential amino acids to support your pet’s muscle growth and metabolism. Few foods can beat the nutritional impact of eggs: high-quality protein and fat along with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Why do all of your dry dog and cat food products include peas?

Peas are a great, low-ash carbohydrate source with an excellent amino acid profile and high iron and lysine contents. It is also rich in fiber to support digestive health, and is well tolerated by most dogs and cats.

Why do your products now have Protected Probiotics and Natural Prebiotic Fiber?

All Solid Gold, dry dog and cat foods supply both natural prebiotic fibers and protected probiotics to provide optimal support for overall digestive health and nutrient absorption. These ingredients help to support your pet’s overall digestive health. Safe for cats and dogs of all life stages and sizes.

Why both: Natural prebiotics fibers feed the probiotics, which are protected in the cooking process, thus enhancing their positive actions.

What is the difference between your bison and buffalo products? Are these the same meat sources?

Bison and buffalo are both lean protein sources and are considered to be nutrient dense foods. Three of our legacy products—Wolf King® , Wolf Cub® and Wee Bit™—feature bison sourced from the United States. All three products include healthy whole grains. Native Sun™, which launched in 2015, features buffalo as the main protein. Sourced from India and also called water buffalo, our buffalo is grass-fed and comes from one of the highest quality sources of lean, low fat red meat protein available. Distinct from our bison products, Native Sun™ is grain and gluten-free giving your pet the option to benefit from this lean protein without the grains.

What does it mean when you promote that ingredients are sourced all over the world, but your packaging says “Produced in USA”?

All of Solid Gold’s dry formulas and canned dog formulas are produced in the United States. Inspired by our founder, Sissy McGill, Solid Gold Pet is committed to delivering the most unique and highest quality ingredients for your dog and cat. This might include sustainably fished Alaskan Pollock, free-range venison from Australia, or farm-raised duck from France. We choose to source certain ingredients internationally because that’s where the highest quality of ingredients is for particular proteins. Regardless of sourcing, all of our ingredients undergo multiple checkpoints against key health and safety criteria as they are brought into our U.S. manufacturing facilities where our unique recipes are crafted into food and packaged for sale.

Why do your new cat formulas have chicken fat listed as an ingredient? My cat is allergic to chicken.

Chicken fat was added to deliver optimal palatability for your cat. It is also a great source of Omega-6 &-3 fatty acids. For carnivores like cats, chicken fat is a preferred palatability enhancer than a plant-based enhancer such as canola oil. Given that chicken fat has no meat protein, it should not have an adverse effect on cats with allergies. However, if you are concerned, our legacy cat products, Indigo Moon® and Katz-N-Flocken® , do not contain chicken fat.

Does Solid Gold use meat by-product meal? Why not?

No, Solid Gold does not use meat by-product meal.

While it is FDA-approved, meat by-product meal is a low-quality protein source and, by definition, consists of the heads, necks, feet, entrails (intestines and internal organs), feathers, or furs of the animal from which it is made. Our meat meals contain none of these impurities, instead derived only from clean parts of whole animals. We use only specifically identified, high-quality meals from certified sources.

The new SeaMeal packaging does not include the same list of ingredient values as it had previously. Is this the same product?

Yes, our SeaMeal supplement is the exact same product you’ve used for years. In order to better highlight the most important product information, we have reduced the information shown in the Guaranteed Analysis panel to include only the most critical values. However, if you are curious about specific vitamin and mineral levels, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are Solid Gold foods organic?

Solid Gold foods are holistic and include natural ingredients, but we do not use any certified organic ingredients. Our recipes are formulated with no meat by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, artificial preservatives or flavors.

Why is the kibble color different from my last bag?

The coloration of kibble can vary from batch to batch. This is commonly due to the fact that we do not use any artificial colors and the coloration of raw ingredients will affect the final color of the kibble.

Why does the consistency of canned foods vary?

It is not uncommon for the consistency, color, and/or odor of canned foods to vary from one production run to another. They are a result of the “raw” ingredient colors, textures, and moisture contents. The cannery strictly adheres to our specified formulation with every production run. They do not adjust the amount of liquid (broth) depending on the moisture content of the “raw” ingredients. Thus, if an ingredient has a higher moisture content, the final product will be more loose. The lower the moisture content, the more solid the final product will be. The same will be true regarding the odor; the stronger the odor of the “raw” ingredient (usually the meat), the stronger the final product odor will be. We do not add any artificial colors, so the coloration of the “raw” ingredients will determine the color of the final product.

How do I transition my pet to a new Solid Gold food?

Switching to any new dog food should be a gradual transition over 7 to 10 days.  Replace 25% of the current food with Solid Gold pet food for 2 to 3 days, then feed a little more Solid Gold pet food over the next 5 to 7 days until they are eating a Solid Gold formula exclusively. This gradual transition will help reduce any digestive upsets that may occur due to the change in diet.

What is the shelf life of Solid Gold products?

Dry foods are stamped with a best use by date that is 15-18 months from the date of manufacture, depending on the food.

Canned foods are stamped with a best use by date that is (3) years from the date of manufacture.

Jerky Treats and Biscuits are stamped with a best use by date that is (18) months from the date of manufacture.

Supplements are stamped with a best use by date that is (3) years from the date of manufacture.

Once a bag of Solid Gold dry food is opened, how quickly should it be used?

We recommend using the food within 6 to 8 weeks after opening.

What is the best way to store Solid Gold food once it is opened?

We recommend storing the food in the original bag, which should be stored in a cool dry place. Pouring the food into a separate container exposes it to a rush of air and can increase the rate at which it will oxidize, decreasing the shelf-life. By leaving the food in the bag, it becomes a barrier and provides an extra layer of protection.

Canned foods should be covered and stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 3-4 days.

Can Solid Gold foods be frozen to extend the shelf life?

We have not conducted studies about how long freezing may extend the shelf life of Solid Gold foods. If a customer chooses to freeze, we recommend only defrosting a couple days’ worth of dry food to help prevent mold growth caused by excess moisture. An easy way to freeze canned food is in ice cube trays for simple serving sizes.

What is SeaMeal and why should I use it?

SeaMeal is a great supplement for overall good health. It is kelp based so it is high in trace vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. SeaMeal also contains flax meal, which is a great source of Omegas that are beneficial for skin and hair coat, as well as benefiting other organ systems. Additionally, it contains a small amount of a digestive enzyme, which helps the pet better digest and metabolize their food. We receive many reports from customers stating that this is a great product, and their pet’s look and feel so much better since adding this to their diets.

Why is aspergillus in SeaMeal and D-Zyme? Isn’t that a dangerous fungus?

The aspergillus ingredients in SeaMeal and D-Zyme are what the enzymes are grown on. They are not actually present in the product, but labeling regulations require they are listed on the ingredient list.

What is Berry Balance used for?

Berry Balance helps to acidify the urine and is commonly used for dogs and cats with struvite crystals. It can be combined with a regular adult maintenance dog or cat food for customers that do not want to use prescription dog foods.

Cranberries and blueberries contain proanthocyanidins that can help prevent adhesion of bacteria to the bladder and urinary tract wall. Despite common perception, cranberry does not have a great acidifying effect; ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is added to Berry balance as an acidifier.

Berry Balance should only be used if the urine pH is too alkaline. It is very important to closely monitor the pet’s urine pH while using Berry Balance.

What is D-Zyme used for and why does it contain lactose?

D-Zyme is a digestive enzyme supplement that can be extremely helpful for dogs and cats with chronic digestive problems. Lactose is used as a carrier for the enzymes.

Are Solid Gold treats made in China?

No, Solid Gold treats are made in the United States with 100% US ingredients.

How does Solid Gold assure its consumers that its food is safe?

Solid Gold oversees the manufacturing process of products from partnering with qualified ingredient suppliers, to receipt of high quality ingredients, recipe blending, and lab testing samples from each batch that is produced.

We operate a “positive release” program with all our foods. When a batch of food is made, samples are taken from the batch and sent to a lab for various analyses, including testing for pathogens, such as salmonella. Only when the results arrive and are approved is the food released to our warehouse for distribution.

Are your canned tuna products for cats safe to feed routinely due to mercury concerns?

Our canned tuna products for cats are made using smaller species of tuna, which are known to have minimal levels of mercury contamination compared to the larger species of tuna commonly eaten by people.

We perform random sampling of our tuna products for mercury and have never had a positive result.

Has Solid Gold ever had a recall?

We had a voluntary recall for one batch of WolfKing and one batch of WolfCub in 2012. No samples for either product tested positive for salmonella. These two batches were recalled out of an abundance of caution. Pet safety is our number one priority and we take necessary precautions to ensure our products are safe for pets.