• Lisa Clark on Solid Gold Barking at the Moon… "I saw the ears and skin clear up in both of my dogs with Allergies and it had an effect on my Collie as well. Her coat filled out more, was shinier, softer and she seemed happier for lack of a better way to explain it. We graduated to the big bag and haven't looked back."

  • Carol Martin on Solid Gold… "I want to thank you for making food for my dogs. I do foster care for rescued dachshunds and I put every one of them on Solid Gold; All the dogs THRIVE on your food. I tell all my adoptive families that Solid Gold is the only way to go; how the dogs improve when they're on it: shiny coats, good weight, etc etc.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Candida West about Solid Gold…" Our dog was having seizures that were becoming frequent enough that the doctor was going to put him on medication. We switched to Solid Gold at the Vet's suggestion. He had one more seizure a few days later, and NONE since then. We are convinced that it was the switch to Solid Gold. Please feel free to share this with other dog owners as it could well save the life of other dogs out there. Thank you!"

  • David Peterson on Solid Gold…" I came across Solid Gold. Decided to give it a try to see if she would like it and what it might do for her. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to see such remarkable results! I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but a transformation has taken place with her health. After 3 months I am now witnessing her running and playing ball in ways I haven’t seen in years!"

  • Vila Flemings on Wolf Cub…" I starting feeding him Wolf Cub even though he is one year old now. Within half a bag he starting showing signs of improvement. He has finally begun to gain weight, his back legs have stabilized and become stronger, his coat is shiny and thankfully there is no more itching or hair loss. He is a happy and vibrant puppy."

  • Lucy Olivier on Katz-N-Flocken…" I am so pleased with the Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken for my cat. I have been trying different dry cat foods. I knew that the Solid Gold was a good brand, and I had seen it for years, but it was one that I had not tried. That night when I gave it to her, she showed great interest and gobble it down. That night I told my husband, "look at her face!" I want to thank you for this product! I don't know what was in the other feeds that she was having trouble digesting, but she is good now. Thanks Again!

  • Christina Lee on Solid Gold…" I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful product. For over a year my German Shepherd had been having issues digesting food and despite countless visits to the vet, I was always told there was nothing wrong with her, she just doesn't digest food well. I've tried several different brands, but they all didn't sit well with her until I tried yours. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It makes both my Siberian Husky and my German Shepherd very happy, active, and healthy dogs! Also, despite the shanking to my wallet every time I buy a bag of it, I think it is worth the price.

  • Diane Calvin on Solid Gold…" I rescued my Shepard Rot mix dog when she was 4 months old. She will be turning ten in April. I have fed her nothing but Solid Gold dog food since I got her. I took her to a new vet the other day and they were shocked at the condition of her teeth, coat and overall health. I hear that alot. Thank you so much. My girl and i have many more years together because of this food. Of that I'm sure."

  • Phyllis Salamone on Indigo Moon… "I was in a pet bakery one day and related my story and the clerk said did you try this cat food indicating a sample packet of Solid Gold Indigo Moon. I said no but I would love to try it. Charlie started eating and has not stopped. He has regained his full health, a shiny coat, is at his recommended weight and is very happy. He still will not eat anything else so please don't ever take this product off the market. We love Indigo Moon!"


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